VERMIJO - the town

Vermijo - a period western drama

Vermijo is a fictional small border town in southern Arizona Territory.


Founded in the early 1850s it soon grew as a successful mining town. The area was rich in minerals, so naturally it was popular with prospectors who were hoping to make their fame and fortune.

With this increase in population came the trouble-makers who saw that easy money could be made from these hard working prospectors. They offered to "protect" the prospectors' interests and keep them safe from outlaws.


However law and order soon followed. The trouble-makers were soon driven out of town and things began to settle down in Vermijo...for a while.

Eventually the rich deposits dried up though, the prospectors left, and the town settled back into a sleepy community with little need for law officers. The lawmen got bored so they moved on to more exciting communities that had better use of their skills like nearby Tombstone and Benson.

1880s Vermijo.  


In the late 1870s Jim, Ace and Carl Lockhart arrived in town. 

Some rogue elements were still unsettling the regular townfolk, so when the Lockhart brothers offered their services to maintain peace in the community it seemed like a good idea.


Jim, Ace and Carl Lockhart all started out with good intentions but it was not long before they realised that these townsfolk were easy "prey".  They soon started to "protect" the town in their own particular way.

It was not a good idea to cross any of the brothers.


However young drifter Luke Tyler did not realise this. He rode into town for a quiet drink but instead came face to face with one of the brothers.

It was a shame that Luke Tyler did not ride on.  Things may well have turned out differently for him if he had done.


But then, we wouldn't have had a story to tell..........

VERMIJO - the film

Raymond Scott as Frank Tyler

A storm is brewing in the town of Vermijo.


Frank Tyler's plan was simple. He was going to dispense good, old-fashioned justice - one bullet at a time.


When their no-good brother is killed in a gunfight with a passing drifter, the sheriff and deputy of a small western town set off with a posse after the killer. But they're not interested in justice, nor even revenge. They plan to use the drifter as an example to keep the rest of the town in line. Unfortunately for them, an old man has other ideas ... and when a startling secret is revealed, so does the town itself.


VERMIJO - the film poster

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