Meet the Crew

Phil Thomas

Phil has always been a fan of western movies and when he saw some of the filmmaker's earlier work he was quite impressed albeit on old Super 8 footage.  He immediately volunteered his services when he heard that there was a project in the making and greeted the prospect with great enthusiasm, jumping at the oppportuity to be more closely involved with the filmmaking process. He says that having loved western movies from an early age he wanted to encourage their continuation at a grass roots level such as this so that the genre won't fade from the screen.
Phil was an integral part of the production team.  Being a very small production he was called on constantly for driving, buying and making props, keeping the team refreshed and fed on location, arranging accomodation and evening meals and generally being the film's main runaround.
Phil also took a number of production stills on location.

Daniel Bellei

You may have already read about Daniel in the "Meet The Cast" section, but here it is noteworthy to add that Daniel helped the production behind the camera as well.  He scouted out some very useful locations in the Camp Verde and Prescott areas (as well as further south in Arizona), secured us important contacts for some of the cast, helped with props and livestock as well as providing us with some stills photography and "on location" video action.

Daniel is a great practical joker.

Carol Sacha

Without Carol's input I doubt the video would look anywhere near as good as it does.

Not only did she help take the original script and shape it from its original state to a state of completion, but she drew up a thorough storyboard, and was there right at the very end as the final tweaks and trims and edits were made to the completed video.

Her success has gained her the right to write the next script!

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