Daniel Bellei


A Cowboy at heart and living in the heart of Arizona, Daniel has a long passion for the wild west. He loves good old fashion shootouts, fist fights and high action adventures in the tradition of the Old Wild West. Yes, Daniel is living his second childhood!


Dan was brought up on television westerns, and in his teens he became an amateur film maker of short action westerns. He started out with an old 8mm camera back in his home state of Illinois and shared this hobby with friends.  This was in an era long before the age of computers and digital editing and before YouTube ever existed.  Dan had built a movie room in the basement of his parent's house where his friends would watch the films there and party. Also in the summer months he would show the films in the two car garage! 


Originally from Highland Park, Illinois, Dan now lives in Camp Verde, Arizona, where he is retired but still enjoys his main hobbies of filming , artwork and writing short stories. 


Latest News


Hitting the Festival circuit in the summer of 2019.

A bitter sweet love story. Noah Kershisnik and Stacy Wilk are the leads.



Hitting Festivals in the USA and Europe.




Limited Time left















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