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STRONG ARM OF THE LAW - Winner of BEST WESTERN at the Jerome Indie FIlm and Music Festival, June 2014.

Paul's interview on BBC South Today with Sally Taylor

Strong Arm of the Law - Festival Trailer

Strong Arm Of The Law - September Trailer

Deleted Scene - The Horse Thief (Outlaw 3)

Strong Arm of the Law - Main Trailer

Strong Arm of the Law - Location Report 1

Toby introduces us to Strong Arm of the Law from Bartlett Lake in Scottsdale, Arizona

Toby reveals a little bit more about the video Strong Arm of the Law, talks about himself and how he became a stuntman at Rawhide and also lets us in on his favourite western character.

In this final location report Toby is at South Mountain Park in Phoenix on the last day of shooting and shows us the Texas Rangers outfit.

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Hitting the Festival circuit in the summer of 2019.

A bitter sweet love story. Noah Kershisnik and Stacy Wilk are the leads.



Hitting Festivals in the USA and Europe.



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