Tony Booth



Paul spotted Tony at the Festival of the West cowboy gathering in Scottsdale, Arizona and immediately recognised his look as the look he wanted for the Outlaw in Strong Arm of the Law. Tony portrays this role with cold, calculating precision.


Tony did some video tests down at Lynx Lake in Prescott and was immediately cast as the Outlaw.


Growing up with horses on a ranch Tony is a natural horse rider and cowboy.

Which is just as well.  The horse he got to ride in Strong Arm of the Law (Apollo) was a little bit lively to say the least!


His distinctive look also got him cast as Buckshot in the lively western Copper Wind from Six Gun Entertainment.


Tony has also appeared on stage and has done modelling.  He is also a trained stuntman, and received his training in stunt work from Chaz Lee, Director and Stunt Coordinator of Six Gun Entertainment.


Tony can also be seen in the follow up to Strong Arm of the Law called Vengeance is the Lord's.


Tony can be contacted through his Facebook page.


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Hitting Festivals in the USA and Europe.



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