Tobias Tolnay

Texas Ranger


Toby gained a lot of his acting skills while performing as a stunt performer for the Arizona Roughriders in Rawhide Western Town in Chandler, Phoenix, Arizona. He has featured in a number of small productions and for the Western X Web Series and starred in his own right as Jim West / Robert Conrad in a segment of the TV documentary Pioneers of Television about the TV series The Wild Wild West.


Originally from Chicago, Tobias is now settled in Arizona and plays the Texas Ranger in Strong Arm of the Law as if cowboy blood ran through his veins.


Paul spotted Toby at one of the shows in Rawhide and immediately recognised the talent he had would be perfect for the role of the moody Texas Ranger who had just one thought on his mind - revenge.


Toby also features in the Vengeance is the Lord's, which is the sequel to Strong Arm of the Law.


Tobias can be contacted on Facebook.


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