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Noah Kershisnik was raised on theater and film. He spent his youth performing Shakespeare plays in a traveling children's theater, and developed a passion for performance and storytelling. There he met friends with similar interests and started producing short sketch comedy. He got a BA in media arts and loves writing, designing, directing, and especially acting in films and theater. 

In 2018 he started his own theater company, Little Man Theater Company, with a very well received production of HAMLET which he designed and produced in addition to playing the titular role. Later that same year he worked with Fish W.W. Burton on his premiere piece, A BESTIARY, once again taking on one of the lead roles in addition to producing and designing the show. In his free time, he loves to make his own clothes, gardening, baking sourdough bread, and coaching CrossFit.




Stacy is originally from Kentucky but has been living in Utah for the past five years. She has been in several short films and full features over these five years including, “It’s Nora”, “Evelyn”, and “It’s Nothing”. 

She is super excited to be a part of Sweet Dreams and to take on a challenging but exciting role.

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Hitting the Festival circuit in the summer of 2019.

A bitter sweet love story. Noah Kershisnik and Stacy Wilk are the leads.



Hitting Festivals in the USA and Europe.



Still free to view on AMAZON PRIME















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