Adam Gold

Adam Michael Gold was born in New York in 1989. 

He was born with a love of acting, but it was always presented as a non-viable career option. By chance, he began performing in a wild west stunt show at Trail Dust Town, Tucson, Arizona with the Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros. The director of the show, Jerry Woods, pushed him to pursue film. 

He worked himself hard to get quality experience and improve his abilities as an actor. 

After a very successful time in Arizona, Adam made the official move to Los Angeles to pursue the career fully. Luckily, he picked up multiple projects immediately upon moving there. He admits that he was fortunate to have many opportunities come his way.

Adam very much looks forward to future roles and opportunities, particularly ones that challenge and better him as an actor, both on stage as well as in film.


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Hitting the Festival circuit in the summer of 2019.

A bitter sweet love story. Noah Kershisnik and Stacy Wilk are the leads.



Hitting Festivals in the USA and Europe.



Still free to view on AMAZON PRIME















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