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But we especially LOVE FILMING WESTERNS!


In 2013 our first project was the western cine-poem Strong Arm of the Law with music by Aaron Watson.


In June 2014 we brought you our short experimental film with Jack Gover called rawSPIT which was filmed in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK. Not quite a western but almost!


Later in June 2014 we filmed our second short western  cine-poem called Send Me Your Smile - A Desert Monologue starring Adam Gold in southern Arizona.


July 2015 it was up to Scotland for our 2nd "Haggis" western Trail To Tranquility following in the tradition of Return of a Son which was filmed in July 2014 at the Tranquility Wild West Town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


In April 2016 we filmed 2 westerns back-to-back.


Vermijo is a no nonsenses serious western with strong and emotional perforances from a strong young cast led by Adam Gold.

Available now on AMAZON - UK and USA.  And free if you have PRIME.


Vengeance is the Lord's is the follow up to our successful and award winning Strong Arm of the Law.


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Strong Arm of the Law

Send Me Your Smile - A Desert Monologue

Trail to Tranquility


Vengeance is the Lord's



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NOW on AMAZON and FREE if you have PRIME.















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